Technology Consultants

Providing Business Technology Solutions

Business Technology Optimization and Business Technology Solution is a process of improving operational efficiency and aims to reduce downtime, using class-leading products and solutions for managing an IT enterprise Network, Servers and Applications. We take a business-focused approach to IT Service Management, aligning your business objectives and priorities from strategy to operations and continual improvement. This approach helps us to understand how technology, changes and new developments, impact your business and customers.
Our Service include Solution Audit, Design & Architecture guidance, facilitate Implementation and Migration activities, Integration and Support Services that helps Businesses with adopting to new IT Applications & Services.

We facilitate our clients with our consulting expertise service for solution and support for IT Implementation .

Application Performance Monitoring
Its a review of the employees using various software systems in your office .Our Services helps to improve user satisfaction and ensure the IT environment supports the needs of the organization. It also helps you find the root cause of every business-impacting incident, which helps in fixing problems. It Lowers the operational cost of managing IT environments, Mitigate risk of downtime while improving staff productivity and improve compliance with application and end-user SLAs.

User Experience Management
We monitor and analyze user experience about exisiting application used in your organization which facilitates new buying patterns, preferences and understanding its need.

Analysis of Investment in Technology Assets - IT Asset Management Service
It enables identification of software, Optimizing hardware and software assets , resulting in rapid implementation of services and return on investment thereby saving on the cost for budget management.

Application Server Monitoring and Diagnostics
Resolve problems before they impact users and violate SLAs by simplifying managing the application servers, and the underlying infrastructure. Our solutions for application server monitoring and diagnostics support everything from the most widely used platforms to the most unique.

SLA Monitoring & Compliances
Improve service quality and reduce service disruptions through the creation of service level agreement (SLA) policies using data based on performance, availability and change from across your IT environment.

Network System Management
Minimize wasted time and chaos associated with sudden network problems with full visibility of your network resources and their metrics - including hardware, operating systems, virtualization, databases, middleware, applications and services. Our network management system makes it easy.

Infrastructure Monitoring
Provide consistent management for all diverse operating systems by monitoring the infrastructure that supports your critical applications from every perspective, including operating systems, networks, virtual servers and virtual machines. Our infrastructure monitoring solution helps you link all the disparate parts of your IT environment as one centralized platform. Our Services help in having a Planned Maintenance Optimization and Maintainability Improvement.